Our Services

First Point Asset Management provides the following services

Consulting & Managed Accounts

Investment Services

Governance & Reporting

  • To achieve clients’ investment goals in a consistent and risk-controlled manner 
  • To avoid the full impact of general market downturns, while delivering consistent returns
  • To have a disciplined asset allocation investment approach coupled with well-considered  investment selections to manage various sources of risk
  • To use a strategic asset allocation framework rather than an absolute returns-based approach when constructing portfolios to allow for better monitoring and management of various sources of risk
  • To make timely medium-term Tactical Asset Allocation calls in order to take advantage of short-to-medium term market opportunities to add incremental value
  • To combine both passive & active investments depending on the market cycle & desired asset class exposures to deliver efficient & cost-effective outcomes for clients
  • To include only well-researched and considered investments that have a specific purpose within the portfolio in order to increase the probability of meeting client objectives

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